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Detection - A key element in every corporate defense plan.

Snoops collect intelligence quietly before they use it. They size up their targets; evaluate the probability-of-success; then steal information to fuel their goals. Eavesdropping is a key component of pre-attack intelligence gathering.

The good news...
Eavesdropping is the one early-warning sign which can be detected. Detect the eavesdropping ...and the attacks can be thwarted before the damage is done. Proactive eavesdropping detection is cheap insurance. Quarterly inspections of sensitive areas are now a common business practice.

Inspections - Easy to add to your corporate defense plan.

Pinnacle Investigations' eavesdropping detection and counterespionage consulting services are provided by our adjunct technical consulting firm. Their excellent reputation for absolute confidentiality and investigative success spans 25+ years.

Please contact us to discuss pro-active protection, and to solve your current concerns.