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Pinnacle Investigations’ research analysts and investigative teams have provided US Fortune 100 Companies and legal professionals nationwide the information they need to mitigate asbestos claims and the growing litigation involving cosmetic talc. The largest providers in the talc industry have been proactively defending their litigation with the expertise of Pinnacle Investigations and their staff, who are continually trained to be adept at navigating the ever-changing myriad of resources available in today’s technical research environment. Let Pinnacle Investigations and our proven track record of nearly thirty (30) years of global investigations be your Investigative Partner.

What we do:

Our team of trained analysts conducts in-depth research of each plaintiff’s background to provide information which demonstrates alternate exposures; pointing out where and when they were actually exposed to asbestos in their lifetime. Through targeted searches of proprietary database, public and open source records, a thorough profile is created of your plaintiff and their relatives, which returns actionable intelligence beyond what is typically garnered through deposition testimony alone.

This provides Pinnacle Investigations’ clients with a thorough understanding of each plaintiff’s background prior to taking their deposition so that all possible alternate exposures can be fully explored. Knowing this history can aide in strategizing the defense, when too often the information provided by plaintiff is vague, incomplete and/or deceptive. Pinnacle’s Investigative Report, delivered prior to deposition, will provide a clear understanding of business affiliations, employment and educational experiences of not only the plaintiff, but also of their parents, spouses and children. This might demonstrate take-home exposures which could have been a key source of their exposure and a key factor in the handling of the litigation of the plaintiff’s claims involving the client company.

Our team is also adept at the following:

  • Extended Investigations
  • International Investigations
  • Witness Location & Detailed Interviews
  • Asbestos Abatement Records
  • Building Permits
  • Property Records

Results are provided electronically in a well-written report with active links to pertinent exhibits.

We invite you to contact us and discuss how Pinnacle Investigations can become your behind the scenes investigative partner.